Lord of Rings

Lord of rings

I guess everybody knows ´Lord of rings´, or you heard of it. The books by J. R. R. Tolkien are bestsellers. And probably most of ypu are knowing the movies. And these, the movies, were made in New Zealand. At different places, but Hobbiton might be one of the most interesting ones. Hobbiton is the village of the Hobbits. This is where Bilbo for example lives. And, Yah! I was there!

It´s so cool there! Pretty similar to the Warner Bros Studios in London. Just not Harry Potter, but Lord of rings. I liked it!


It was so great! I even was in a Hobbithole. They are so small, or also so big! Depends if you are a Hobbit or a wizard at the very moment 😉

I will post pictures from there tomorrow. In Hobbiton I also drank Gingerbeer. I really liked it! But also after Hobbiton ´Lord of rings´was an important part of the Tour. At the end of the tour, for example, we visited a place, where the stuff for the movie was made. And even moveable figures are made there! It was so cool!!!

All the best, Jana