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  • Love Letters to New Zealand

    New Zealand. It´s my dreamcountry. And I am leaving it. Today. I really don´t want to leave! I want to stay. It felt so short! But it wasn´t. It was almost 5 month! But still it feels like a week or so. I will really miss all this here! The nature. The people. The culture. […]

  • Willowbank Wildlife Reserve

    Willowbank Reserve Today I was in the willowbank wildlife reserve. It was really cooL! Especially because it was not really like a zoo. It had a much stronger connection to the nature then probably every common zoo has. You went in there, But it did not feel like you went into a zoo. It felt […]

  • Botanische Gärten

    Heute war ich in den botanischen gärten in Christchurch. Und, wisst ihr was? Egal, was ich bisher über die schönsten Plätze in neuseeland gesagt habe, geht einfach dorthin. Setzt euch in den Rosenpark. Schaut euch die Sonnenuhr an, die aufgrund der Sommerzeit falsch läuft (momentan) und auf alle Fälle, geht in die Neuseeländischen garten. Also […]