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  • My favourite ships – OTP Tag

    The Tag Hey! I just stole the OTP Tag from a German Youtuber. I really like her. Her name is Cha Ginger. She allowed me to use the questions, after I asked her on Twitter If I can use the questions. To all of you, who don´t know what an OTP is: An OTP is […]

  • Advent in the summer?

    Advent Hey Guys! We don´t have the first of advent now, but we already have December. Today I opened the first chocolate of my advent calendar. Even if I did it in the evening, I remembered it! I almost forgot it! I am not used to have summer in the advent. In the december. That […]

  • Southislandtour – Day 4

    Today we were at many lakes. First we were at diamond lake. It was really nice there, and it remembered me about Austria. At the lake we went to a view point. The view was nice, but I would rather go to the glaciers again. The view from the glaciers was way better! In the […]