Southislandtour – Day 4

Today we were at many lakes. First we were at diamond lake. It was really nice there, and it remembered me about Austria. At the lake we went to a view point. The view was nice, but I would rather go to the glaciers again. The view from the glaciers was way better!

In the afternoon we had free time. I read very much, because I was very tired. I did not went to the town. The book I read is ´In order to live´from Yeonmi Park. I realy liked this book, and I might do a review. It´s a book, which I really had to think about very much.

In the evening we went to another lake. To Hawea. We ordered Fish and Chips to there, and we went swimming. Hawea was so much colder that Wanaka! I really liked the place there! The beach was very nice!

All the best, Jana

PS: I will not make a post for the last day, because we just went home at the friday.