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  • Love Letters to New Zealand

    New Zealand. It´s my dreamcountry. And I am leaving it. Today. I really don´t want to leave! I want to stay. It felt so short! But it wasn´t. It was almost 5 month! But still it feels like a week or so. I will really miss all this here! The nature. The people. The culture. […]

  • Willowbank Wildlife Reserve

    Willowbank Reserve Today I was in the willowbank wildlife reserve. It was really cooL! Especially because it was not really like a zoo. It had a much stronger connection to the nature then probably every common zoo has. You went in there, But it did not feel like you went into a zoo. It felt […]

  • Advent in the summer?

    Advent Hey Guys! We don´t have the first of advent now, but we already have December. Today I opened the first chocolate of my advent calendar. Even if I did it in the evening, I remembered it! I almost forgot it! I am not used to have summer in the advent. In the december. That […]