Love Letters to New Zealand

New Zealand. It´s my dreamcountry. And I am leaving it. Today. I really don´t want to leave! I want to stay. It felt so short! But it wasn´t. It was almost 5 month! But still it feels like a week or so. I will really miss all this here! The nature. The people. The culture. Everything.

You can´t say it different. New Zealand is my dreamcountry. I will totally come back again! There is no chance that I will not come back! I love it here. And that´s why I wrote this letter. There are so many places in New Zealand. So many nice places. I can´t just leave. It´s too special to just leave.

The mangrove forest close to Paihia. The giant trees. The nice people. The great beaches. Sumner Beach. Cathedral Cove. Cathedral Cave. Dolphins. Penguins. Maori. Volcanos and Geysirs. All this. I will miss it so much!

I love this islands. My friends here. The nature. Just everything!