My favourite ships – OTP Tag

The Tag

Hey! I just stole the OTP Tag from a German Youtuber. I really like her. Her name is Cha Ginger. She allowed me to use the questions, after I asked her on Twitter If I can use the questions.

To all of you, who don´t know what an OTP is: An OTP is a favourite couple. Your favourite ship from Books or movies. Or even from reallife. OTP means One true pair by the way.

My ships

For this Tag I needed five ships. SO, yeah, here are my five favourite ships, canon and not Canon:

  • Deamus (Dean Thomas/Seamus Finnegan)
  • Scorbus (Albus Potter/Scorpius Malfoy)
  • Jily (James Potter/Lily Evans)
  • Chalicia (Cha Ginger/Abis Zett)
  • Percabeth (Percy Jackson/Anabeth Chase)
The questions
  1. Do you remember the episode, scene or chapter when you began to ship 5?
    Uhh… I think that was from the very beginning. What was i happy, when they finally ended up togrther! But I also know, that I started shipping these two very hard, when Percy came back, and he saw his own funeral. Annabeth was doing a very emotional speech.
  2. Have you ever read a fanfiction about 2?
    More than only one!
  3. Has there ever been a phonebackground or something similar with 4?
    I had them for a few month in a collage in my background. Then I replaced them with a ravenclaw sign.
  4. If 3 would break up surprisingly today, what would be your Reaction?
    Ohh, how good that that will never happen. These two already got murdered by Voldemort. Did you guys know, that Lily was pregnant again, when she got murdered?
  5. Why is 1 so important?
    Hmm… I think these two were the first gay ccouple ever, i shipped. Many others followed, but they were the first gay couple, were I thought: „Oh my Gosh! These two have to end up together!“ I started shipping these two from the second Harry Potter book. I think they are also my oldest ship I have.
  6. Is 4 a funny or serious couple?
    Funny, but I think they can also be very serious. They do very entertaining Youtube, so I only know them as funny.
  7. From all the listed couples, which one has the best chemistry between them?
    A mixture between Deamus, Chalicia and Percabeth please? No, seriously. These three all have a great chemistry between them! Percabeth is just written gorgeous, I think almost everyone ships these two. Deamus would just fit so good. They would be so cute together! And, okay, for Chalicia you just have to see one Video, and you will start shipping them. They are so cute too!
  8. Which of these has the strongest connection`?
    I would say Jily or Percabeth. Jily is just like, they know each other so well. I guess. And I think they´d have a very strong connection now. Even if I can´t really understand Lily. And, well, it is almost the same for Percabeth.
  9. How odten have you seen/read the fandom from number 2?
    Let´s just say, I have seen and read all of the Harry Potter Books and Movies so often, that I don´t even have a clue. I guess it might have been a few times too often. I know really everything about these series!
  10. Which of these has been together longest?
    Well. Deamus and Scorbus have never been real. Jily died after about five years. Chalicia is two years old, and for percabeth it is different, and it depends, at which book you look at. I think I might go with Percabeth and Jily.
  11. How often, if ever, did 5 break up?
    I don´t think they ever broke up on their own opinion. But when Percy get´s kidnapped by Hera they have to make a relationshipbreak.
  12. If the world would get overrun by Zomies. Who would rather survive? 1 or 5?
    It is really hard to admit, but I would go with 3. With Jily. Both, James and Lily are in tthe Order of the Poenix. But I think both of them would have no chance.
  13. Has 4 ever made a secret about their relationship?
    I don´t think so. If yes, then I don´t know it, but I don´t know them in reallife, so… They did not tell it to the public in the very moment, but I can really understand that.
  14. Is 5 still existing?
    I think so.
  15. Is 1 canon?
    No. It is not. I would love it, if it would be, but no, it is not.
  16. Iff all of these 5 would be sent into a couple-hungergames, who would win?
    Jily or Deamus. These two are wizard couples. They were in the Order of the Poenix, or in Dumbledores Armee. They can fight very good, I guess. Both of them. But I think, that Percabeth would have a pretty good chance too. Because of Annabeth´s intellence.
  17. Has ever somebody tried to manipulate couple 5?
    Rachel did it for a while, but she stopped it pretty soon again. Oh, and then there are Athene and Poseidon, who both did not like it, when their Kids were together.
  18. Which of these ships would you defend to your death?
    Deamus! Especially Deamus!
  19. Have you ever spent days with scrolling through Tumblr-pages from number 3?
    No! Never! Why would I? But, just by the way: There are some really good pages! But no.
  20. If a bad witch would come and tell you to decide one ship, she will kill, which one would you choose?
    Uhm… Why do you do that to me? I did not do anything. But, okay, I guess I would take Jily. Still, WHY?
Other ships

I have just a few other ships, which I will just mention here.

  • Davico (Booktown/Nico)
  • Portia and Ellen
  • Hinny (Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley)
  • Romione (Ronald Weasley/Hermione Granger)