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  • Southislandtrip – Day 3

    Today we stayed in Wanaka, just as we will do tomorrow. It´s really nice here! After breakfast we were Paddleboarding. Or Stand-up-paddleing. Whatever you like better. Do you know that? If not, here a short description: You stand on a Surfboard, which is a little bit bigger than a real surfboard. And you paddle. I […]

  • Southislandtrip – Day 2

    Today we were hiking very much. Really much! We drove from Tekapo into the direction of Mt. Cook, the highest mountain in New Zealand. It looked a little bit like a very big Iceblock… Just kidding. It looked a little bit unreal though, but it was real. The mountain was white because of the snow. […]

  • Southislandtrip – Day 1

    Today we started the trip. First we met at the school, and then we drove to Tekapo in two vans. I was in a very quiet one, but that was not that bad. We made a stop at Fairlie. There is the probably best pies shop in whole new zealand. The pies were just perfect. […]