Southislandtrip – Day 1

Today we started the trip. First we met at the school, and then we drove to Tekapo in two vans. I was in a very quiet one, but that was not that bad. We made a stop at Fairlie. There is the probably best pies shop in whole new zealand. The pies were just perfect. If you ever visit New Zealand, you have to eat a pie there!

Than we went on to Tekapo. Tekapo is a small town at a lake. A pretty big lake. Actually, not so big like Taupo (the supervolcano), but still pretty big. A friend said it looked a little bit like Norway.

We went hiking to a viewpoint at the top of a hill. It was incredible! Really, the lake and all the mountains are so beautiful! Just beautiful! And if you ever go there, look at the stars. They are really incredible. It looks like a picture from Hubble, the space telescope. I was not able to make a picture of that because there was no chance to get the stars onto the photos how they looked like. Probably you know pictures of the sky from years ago, when there was not so much light to cover the stars. It looks like that.

In the lake you shouldn´t swim if you ask our teachers. That´s why we were in Hot springs. Again. It is exactly like Hot water pools. I like it, and it is relaxing, but I guess I was just too often in these pools. But still, the view from these Pools is pretty nice. The view from the Pools there was better than even in Taupo. There you could see over the lake, there were lights. Even that was stunning, but this was even better! You can´t describe that. To understand what I mean you must see it!

All the best, Jana