North Island

Hey! After ages I come up again. It´s a little bit complicated to upload often (especially in english) But I will try my best in the last few weeks in New Zealand. Yes, you read right. My last few weeks. The time seems to go faster since I´m here. The people who were abroad too might feel in the same way. The first week went very slow, but now? Time is flying! It´s only about four weeks, till I have to say good Bye to my friends over here. Strange, isn´t it?

North Island tour

But first: Let´s speak about what happened since I wrote last. A tour about the North Island for Example. A very nice tour. I did it with an Organisation, even If I did the whole stuff with the school without it was just easier to go on holiday with one. It´s name is ISENZ.  It was great! We started in Wellington, and stopped there again. I got to know people like Lava and Katharina, and so many more. I loved it!

I flew there from Christchurch. I got picked up from the ISENZ people at the airport, at the same time like Anna. I got to know her better, and she ist very nice! In the evening we went out to eat, and we saw a little bit from Wellington. Our Hotel was, just by the way, Waterloo and Backpackers. I liked it there. At the next morning we went out again, till our whole group was there. When they where there we got onto the bus (We loved the Busdriver).

At Taupo was our first stop. Did you know it was a supervulcano? The last one, which errupted. In the whole history of earth! We know that, because you saw the Dust till China (!). Cool, isn´t it? That´s about 1800 Years ago.

After that we got to see Rotorua, Auckland, Paihia, Waitangi and a few more, where I forgot the Names…

Things, You should see at the North Island:
  • Taupo
  • Hot-Water Pools
  • Hot-Water beach
  • Cathedral Cove
  • Cape Reinga
  • Wai-O-Tapu
  • Te Puia
  • Glowworm Caves
  • Hobbiton
Volcanic Activity

Now we get to the topics I want to write about the whole time (Finally!). Volcans! Fascinatic, aren´t they? I always liked them, but now? I love them! Almost all of the places above are about Voncanos (except of the Glowworm Caves, Cathedral Cove and Cape Reinga). All the Hot-Water Pools get hot by volcanic activity and very thin earth. The same you can say about the Hot-Water Beach, which was too hot for me.

And at Wai-O-Tapu are geysirs. Real geysirs. That´s so cool! There also is the biggest geysir of the southern hemisphere, can you imagine that? And there are many volcanos, one supervolcano (Taupo!!!) and may hot springs and Mudpools at the north Island, which is on the pacific Ring of fire, by the way.

All the best, Jana