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  • Hot Water Pools and Hot Water Beach

    Hot Water Pools In whole New Zealand you can find Hot water pools. I will visit one with the South Island Trip from the school. That will hopefully pretty fun! I like the pools pretty much! They are very nice! It´s a very special feeling when you enter the pools. It´s just warm. Like a […]

  • North Island

    Hey! After ages I come up again. It´s a little bit complicated to upload often (especially in english) But I will try my best in the last few weeks in New Zealand. Yes, you read right. My last few weeks. The time seems to go faster since I´m here. The people who were abroad too […]

  • NewZealand

    The reason I started this Blog was, that I´ll go to New Zealand at the beginning of 10th class. And cause of that it´ll be bilingual, German and English. Before I go to New Zealand I´ll post about planning to go there. And a bit about me. If I am in New Zealand I´ll write […]