Hot Water Pools and Hot Water Beach

Hot Water Pools

In whole New Zealand you can find Hot water pools. I will visit one with the South Island Trip from the school. That will hopefully pretty fun! I like the pools pretty much! They are very nice! It´s a very special feeling when you enter the pools. It´s just warm. Like a Wirlpool, but naturally!  There are vey many different minerals in the water, which makes the water look very dirty. But it is not! It´s cool to swim there. Very relaxing!

Hot Water Beach

The Hot Water Beach is at the north island too. It´s a place, where you dig small holes into the sand, where the water comes to be hot  and water comes (like at almost every beach) after digging a while. The special thing is, that it gets hot, the water gets hot, because the ground is hot . Theground is very thin at this point, so the sand gets very hot. To be honest: Too hot for me. I was swimming in the ocean the most time! It´s a little bit like a whirlpool again. Or like a herd. It just gets hot

But, hey, I really was swimming everywhere. Even if it was only about 13 °C outside…

All the best, Jana