School, I´ve missed you!

Vacation? I´ll see you next autumn!

After 6 weeks Vacation had started school again. It´s nice, is´nt it? In a week I´ll wonder how I was happy, that school has started. I´ll be angry with my teachers because of the homework…  But now I want to enjoy the first week, And I hope we won´t have too much homework!

My schedule is very nice, I like it. It´s not half as bad as I expected. There is no Day I won´t come to School.

My  School

My school, in German “Schule” is very nice. before Vacation we have become school without racism, and it´s going to be renovated. One room of biology is´nt ready now, so we had biology in a different room. Our classroom is not renovated, but that´ll come soon, I hope!

Hopefully while we have still lessons in there, because that’s just one more year. Next year I´ll be in the “EF”, that´s our tenth class. Then I´ll be in New Zealand a half-year, and we are going to have no classes then too.